CSX and Massachusetts

CSX Operations

Operates over and maintains nearly 670 miles of track*

CSX maintains nearly 530 public and private grade crossings in Massachusetts

Handled more than 300,000 carloads of freight in Massachusetts during 2010

At the end of 2010, CSX employed approximately 290 people in Massachusetts

Throughout 2010, CSX reported nearly $21 million in compensation for employees** in Massachusetts

In 2010, CSX invested more than $41 million in the network in Massachusetts.  In addition, the company invested more than $490 million on freight cars and other rolling assets to serve customers throughout the network

Products shipped include intermodal, passenger vehicles, alcoholic beverages, plastics, and panel products

CSX Facilities

Major rail yards in Boston (Beacon Park)

CSX Intermodal terminals in Allston, Springfield, and Worcester

TRANSFLO terminal in Boston

Automotive distribution center in East Brookfield/Spencer

Environmental Advantages of Rail

Railroads are the most environmentally-friendly and energy efficient way to move goods on land.  A single train can carry the load of more than 280 trucks.

On average, railroads are three or more times more fuel efficient than the alternative. Trains can move a ton of freight nearly 500 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Since 1980, CSX has improved its fuel efficiency by more than 90 percent, and with constant innovation, freight rail becomes more efficient every day. In the past five years, CSX has invested more than $1.5 billion to upgrade its fleet of fuel efficient locomotives.

Shifting 10% of long-haul freight from the highway to the railway would reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by more than 12 million tons.

The EPA estimates that moving freight by rail emits three times less nitrogen oxide and particulates per ton-mile than highway transportation.

CSX and the Community

In partnership with state and local economic development agencies in Massachusetts, businesses invested $873,000 in new or expanded rail-served facilities on CSX Transportation or its connecting regional and short lines in 2010. These investments will generate an estimated 10 new jobs at those businesses.

CSX invested $100 million in an expanded intermodal facility in Worcester and proposed a new TRANSFLO facility in Westborough.

CSX is a National Leadership Sponsor of City Year, a non-profit organization working to enact positive change in schools and communities throughout the country. CSX executives and other employees routinely donate their time and energy to community outreach programs organized by City Year.  CSX is a City Year site sponsor for a service corps in Boston.

CSX sponsored a Trees for Tracks service day event in Worcester.  CSX plans to sponsor a similar event in the following year.

In 2010, CSX contributed nearly $83,000 to national organizations and those in Massachusetts, including National Safe Place, National FFA Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimer Research Forum Foundation, Charles River Clean-Up Boat, local schools and emergency management services.

CSX is proud of its 150-year history of service to America’s military. One in five CSX employees has served in the armed forces.

Massachusetts Commuter Rail Expansion Plan (Boston)

Massachusetts and CSX are working together to expand commuter and freight rail service in Massachusetts. This project establishes New England’s first double-stack cleared freight rail route. This line will connect Massachusetts with CSX’s double-stack cleared route running to the Midwest and beyond.

* Miles of track includes single main track, other main track, yard tracks and sidings as of December 31, 2010.
** This figure includes current and former employees.

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