We are a freight railroad that connects to the national rail system through CSX Transportation at Pittsfield, MA. Our cars are last classified at CSXT’s Selkirk, NY classification yard and are transported by a road train seven days per week on train symbol SESP, or Q429DATE/S429DATE.  SESP’s first stop from Selkirk is Pittsfield.  The westbound cars are picked-up by the returning road train from West Springfield, MA.

Our operations in MA began in 1991 when a line segment from Pittsfield, MA to Canaan, CT was purchased from the Boston & Maine Railroad.  In MA, we operate 36 miles of track and serve two paper companies, a limestone quarry, a manufacturer of plastic sheeting, a distribution center and a public team track.  Our team track serves a lumber shipper, a concrete manufacturer and a fertilizer receiver.

We travel through the communities of Pittsfield, Lenox, Lee, Stockbridge, Housatonic, Great Barrington and Sheffield, MA.

The Berkshire Line (from Pittsfield, MA to Berkshire Junction, CT) is under the control of the Housatonic Train Dispatcher in Canaan, CT.  We receive permission from CSXT’s Berkshire Dispatcher in Selkirk, NY to enter the Pittsfield Yard to set-off and pick up cars.

We have rail-served sites in MA available for industrial development.

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