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Access to Mass Freight Miles

With 1,327 freight rail miles in the Commonwealth, railroads are an integral part of Massachusetts’ economy and infrastructure. By having access to freight rail, businesses in every corner of the state are able to reach markets across the United States and the globe. Freight rail delivers competitive transportation solutions to the Commonwealth’s industries.

Freight Tonnage Moving

From the Berkshires to the Cape, 15.4 million tons of freight moves through, originates in or terminates in Massachusetts on freight railroads.  Cargo on these freight railroads varies from intermodal, food products, pulp and paper, in addition to many other goods. The freight rail system provides crucial infrastructure and operations, which benefits both residents and businesses.

Vastly Superior for the Environment!

A strong freight rail network strengthens Massachusetts’ economic health and environment. An eco-friendly form of transportation, freight railroads’ efficiency is four times more fuel efficient than trucks. When freight is moved by railroads instead of trucks, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 75%. A single train can move as much freight as several hundred trucks.

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